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 2008 KBS Drama Awards 2008 KBS 연기대상, [KBS2] 31 Dec

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PostSubject: 2008 KBS Drama Awards 2008 KBS 연기대상, [KBS2] 31 Dec   Sat Dec 27, 2008 2:08 am

Posted by hanle

MC : Kim Sung Eun & Choi Jung Won [Kim Kyung Ran 김경란?]
Official site : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/2008award/about/about.html
Voting site : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/2008award/netizen/index.html & http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/2008award/couple/index.html (Best Couple)

The list of nominees for the 2008 KBS Drama Awards to be held on the last day of the year was released yesterday. Apart for the highest Daesang award not yet finalized, the nominations for the other awards such as acting awards, popularity awards, newcomer awards etc were revealed.

This year, KBS TV has broadcast a total of 23 TV dramas through its 2 channels KBS1TV and KBS2TV but only 12 dramas have a part in the nomination list. Specifically, “Angry Mom”, “Women of the Sun” and “Dae Wang Sejong” have been nominated in 10 categories while “You Are My Destiny”, “Hong Gil Dong” and “My Previous Child” have 8 nominations each. “The World They Live In” which aired its final episode on Tuesday has 7 while “Powerful Opponents”, “Returned Earthen Bowl”, “You Are Very Good”, “An Innocent Woman” and “Big Sister” received 1 to 2 nominations each.

And here we go for the 2008 KBS Drama Awards Nominees List (May have errors though)

최우수 연기상 남자 Top Excellence - Actor
강지환(쾌도홍길동), 김상경(대왕세종), 백일섭(엄마가 뿔났다), 송일국(바람의 나라), 이순재(엄마가 뿔났다)
Kang Ji-Hwan (Hong Gil Dong)
Kim Sang-Kyung (Great King Sejong)
Baek Il-Seop (Mom's Dead Upset)
Song Il-Kook (Kingdom Of The Wind)
Lee Soon-Jae (Mom's Dead Upset)

최우수 연기상 여자 Top Excellence - Actress김지수(태양의 여자), 김혜자(엄마가 뿔났다), 장미희(엄마가 뿔났다), 최명길(대왕세종)
Kim Ji-Soo (Woman Of The Sun)
Kim Hye-Ja (Mom's Dead Upset)
Jang Mi-Hee (Mom's Dead Upset)
Choi Myung-Gil (Great King Sejong)

우수 연기상 미니시리즈 수목 남자 Excellence in a Mini-Drama (Mon-Tues or Wed-Thurs drama) - Actor이종혁(강적들), 장근석(쾌도 홍길동), 정진영(바람의 나라), 한재석(태양의 여자), 현빈(그들이 사는 세상)
Lee Jong-Hyuk (Powerful Opponents)
Jang Geun-Seok (Hong Gil Dong)
Jung Jin-Young (Kingdom Of The Wind)
Han Jae-Seok (Woman Of The Sun)
Hyun Bin (Worlds Within)

우수 연기상 미니시리즈 수목 여자 Excellence in a Mini-Drama (Mon-Tues or Wed-Thurs drama) - Actress
성유리(쾌도 홍길동), 송혜교(그들이 사는 세상), 이하나(태양의 여자), 정애리(태양의 여자), 최정원(바람의 나라)
Sung Yuri (Hong Gil Dong)
Song Hye-Kyo (Worlds Within)
Lee Ha-Na (Woman Of The Sun)
Jung Ae-Ri (Woman Of The Sun)
Choi Jung-Won (Kingdom Of The Wind)

우수 연기상 주간극 남자 Excellence in a Weekly Drama - Actor김성수(내사랑 금지옥엽), 류진(엄마가 뿔났다), 박상민(대왕세종), 이원종(대왕세종), 지현우(내사랑 금지옥엽)
Kim Sung-Soo (My Precious You)
Ryu Jin (Mom's Dead Upset)
Park Sang-Min (Great King Sejong)
Lee Won-Jong (Great King Sejong)
Ji Hyun-Woo (My Precious You)

우수 연기상 주간극 여남 Excellence in a Weekly Drama - Actress박해미(내사랑 금지옥엽), 신은경(엄마가 뿔났다), 이윤지(대왕세종), 이태란(내사랑 금지옥엽)
Park Hae-Mi (My Precious You)
Shin Eun-Kyung (Mom's Dead Upset)
Lee Yoon-Ji (Great King Sejong)
Lee Tae-Ran (My Precious You)

우수 연기상 일일극 남자 Excellence in a Daily Drama - Actor김영철(돌아온 뚝배기), 이지훈(너는 내 운명), 이필모(너는 내 운명), 윤희석(난 네게 반했어)
Kim Young-Cheol (Cooking Up Romance)
Lee Ji-Hoon (You Are My Destiny)
Lee Pil-Mo (You Are My Destiny)
Yoon Hee-Seok (I Like You)

우수 연기상 일일극 여자 Excellence in a Daily Drama - Actress김성은(돌아온 뚝배기), 김정난(너는 내 운명), 공현주(너는 내 운명), 박다안(난 네게 반했어), 박소현
Kim Sung-Eun (Cooking Up Romancee)
Kim Jung-Nan (You Are My Destiny)
Gong Hyun-Joo (You Are My Destiny)
Park Da-An (I Like You)
Park So-Hyun (Innocent Woman Baek Il Hong)

조연상 남자 Best Supporting Actor
강지섭(태양의 여자), 김용건(엄마가 뿔났다), 박준규(내사랑 금지옥엽), 엄기준(그들이 사는 세상), 조희봉(쾌도 홍길동)
Kang Ji-Seop (Woman Of The Sun)
Kim Yong-Gun (Mom'S Dead Upset)
Park Joon-Gyu (My Precious You)
Uhm Ki-Joon (Worlds Within)
Jo Hee-Bong (Hong Gil Dong)

조연상 여자 Best Supporting Actress김나운(엄마가 뿔났다), 김성령(대왕세종), 배종옥(그들이 사는 세상), 이혜숙(너는 내운명), 최수린(내사랑 금지옥엽)
Kim Na-Woon (Mom's Dead Upset)
Kim Sung-Ryung (Great King Sejong)
Bae Jong-Ok (Worlds Within)
Lee Hye-Sook (You Are My Destiny)
Choi Soo-Rin (My Precious You)

신인상 남자 New Actor
기태영(엄마가 뿔났다), 박재정(너는 내 운명), 이천희(대왕세종), 정겨운(태양의 여자)
Ki Tae-Young (Mom's Dead Upset)
Park Jae-Jung (You Are My Destiny)
Lee Cheon-Hee (Great King Sejong)
Jung Gyu-Woon (Woman Of The Sun)

신인상 여자 New Actress서효림(그들이 사는 세상), 이하나(태양의 여자), 오연서(대왕세종/ 돌아온 뚝배기), 윤아(너는 내운명), 홍아름(내사랑 금지옥엽)
Seo Hyo-Rim (Worlds Within)
Lee Ha-Na (Woman Of The Sun)
Oh Yeon-Seo (Great King Sejong / Cooking Up Romance)
Yoon-Ah (You Are My Destiny)
Hong Ah-Reum (My Preciuos You)

인기상(남자) Popularity - Actor강지환(쾌도 홍길동), 송일국(바람의 나라), 장근석(쾌도 홍길동), 지현우(내사랑 금지옥엽), 현빈(그들이 사는 세상)
Kang Ji-Hwan (Hong Gil Dong)
Song Il-Kook (Kingdom Of The Wind)
Jang Geun-Seok (Hong Gil Dong)
Ji Hyun-Woo (My Precious You)
Hyun Bin (worlds Within)

인기상 여자 Popularity - Actress김지수(태양의 여자), 성유리(쾌도 홍길동), 송혜교(그들이 사는 세상), 이하나(태양의 여자), 윤아(너는 내운명)
Kim Ji-Soo (Woman Of The Sun)
Sung Yuri (Hong Gil Dong)
Song Hye-Kyo (Worlds Within)
Lee Ha-Na (Woman Of The Sun)
Yoon-Ah (You Are My Destiny)

청소년 연기상 남자 Young Actor김동현 (돌아온 뚝배기), 맹세창(쾌도 홍길동), 안도규 (싱글파파는 열애 중), 이현우 (대왕세종)
Kim Dong-Hyun (Cooking Up Romance)
Maeng Se-Chang (Hong Gil Dong)
Ahn Do-Gyoo (Single Papa In Love)
Lee Yeon-Woo (Great King Sejong

청소년 연기상 여자 Young Actress여민주 (대왕세종), 김소현 (엄마가 뿔났다), 심은경 (태양의 여자), 한보배 (큰언니)
Yeo Min-Joo (Great King Sejong)
Kim So-Hyun (Mom's Dead Upset)
Shim Eun-Kyung (Woman Of The Sun)
Han Bo-Bae (My Pitiful Sister / Big Sister)

특집 문학관 단막극상 남자 Special/HDTV Novel/One-Act - Actor김호진, 이원종, 윤희석, 조희봉, 정성화
Kim Ho-Jin
Lee Won-Jong
Yoon Hee-Seok
Jo Hee-Bong
Jung Seung-Hwa

특집 문학관 단막극상 여자 Special/HDTV Novel/One-Act - Actress김정화, 박민영, 이윤지, 조은숙, 장희진
Kim Jung-Hwa
Park Min-Young
Lee Yoon-Ji
Jo Eun-Sook
Jang Hee-Jin

Credit: soompi

There is a site you can vote for JH.
Lee Jee hoon is in the list of nominees for "excellent actor of daily drama" of 2008 KBS drama award.
The winner will be determined by KBS and will be announced on the last day of this year.

There is a site where fans can vote for him,

Empas is another portal site in Korea.
And there is a survey who is the probable winner of the KBS drama award.
You can vote for him without login.
But with login, you can post your message there,
for example, cheering for him or praying for him or the reason he should win, etc.


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PostSubject: 너는 내운명 You Are My Destiny Cast Drama Award Interview - Lee Jee Hoon's cut   Tue Jan 06, 2009 3:13 pm

너는 내운명 You Are My Destiny Cast Interview - Lee Jee Hoon's cut

credit : jeehoontime


This is a cut from 從容不迫(1st Jan 2009), in which we get a glimpse of our shining prince on the Drama Award (13 Dec 2008),
and there is also a short interview of the main actors of YAMD.

李智勳 Lee Jee Hoon ~ Drama Award 2008 Cut

credit : jeehoonprinceteam4

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2008 KBS Drama Awards 2008 KBS 연기대상, [KBS2] 31 Dec
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