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 몇가지 소식입니다 25/9/08 - Notice about a few items from Jee Hoon

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PostSubject: 몇가지 소식입니다 25/9/08 - Notice about a few items from Jee Hoon   Tue Jan 13, 2009 7:54 pm

English Translations ^^ (source from Camael - Esther Kim) Thank you!

Subject: 몇가지 소식입니다 ^^
Notice about a few items ^^

얼마전 미니홈피를 통해 알려주신 대로
As JH informed us through his mini-homepage a short while ago,

"슈어"라는 잡지 10월호에 인터뷰 기사가 실렸구요.
There is an interview/article in a magazine called "Sure" (or "Shoo-Uh"), October edition.

11월 신혜성 중국 콘서트에 게스트로 참여하신다는 소문이 돌아서
There are rumors going around that JH may be participating as a special guest at Shin Hye Sung's November concert in China...

그에 대한 문의사항이 많은데
And there have been many questions about this...

지금 현재 확정된 사항은 아무것도 없으며
However, as of now, there is nothing confirmed in JH's schedule for this...

11월 드라마 스케줄에 맞춰봐야 알 수 있는 상황이라고 하시네요.
And we have been told that nothing can be scheduled without checking this against the November "You Are My Destiny" drama schedule...

또 지난 4월 유리씨의 2집 앨범에 "반대말"이라는 곡 피쳐링에 참여하셨지요.
Also, last April, JH was featured on Yuri's 2nd Album song, "Ban Dae Mal"...

유리씨께서 반대말을 후속곡으로 활동하시는 모양이예요.
It seems that Yuri ssi is currently promoting that song.

그래서 오늘 반대말 뮤직비디오를 함께 촬영하셨다고 하네요.
And we have heard that this is why JH filmed the music video with Yuri ssi today.

참고하시기 바랍니다 ^^
Please take note of the above ^^

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몇가지 소식입니다 25/9/08 - Notice about a few items from Jee Hoon
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