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 [SBS] New X-Man

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PostSubject: [SBS] New X-Man   Mon Dec 29, 2008 12:12 am

Lee Ji Hoon in New X-Man variety shows.

070225 Episode 17, X-Man #15

Topic: "The person who seems like they would be the most self-assured/proud?"

Guests: Park Myung Soo, Andy, Haha, Kim Hee Chul (Super Junior),
Tei, Lee Ji Hoon, Hyun Jin Young, Kim Jang Hoon, Kim Kyung Rok (V.O.S.),
Seo In Young (Jewelry), Seo Ji Young (S#arp)

megaupload.com PGDS0ARX (Ji_Eunie)
megaupload.com YXTW5Z5S (silverwingz)
sendspace.com 7ndrvn

070304 Episode 18, X-Man #16

Topic: "The person who looks like they would match more if they changed their gender?"

Guests: Park Myung Soo, Andy, Haha, Kim Hyun Chul,
Kim Hee Chul (Super Junior), Park Sang Min, Shin Dong (Super Junior),
Lee Sang Mi, Lee Ji Hoon, Hwang Bo, Kim Jang Hoon

megaupload.com 2DAHL8PE (silverwingz)
megaupload.com/kr WORJ1H6T

070311 Episode 19, X-Man #17

Topic: "This person, for some reason, gives off an image of being an intellect!"

Guests: Park Myung Soo, Andy, Haha, Jang Nara, Jadu,
Lee Ji Hoon, Lee Ki Chan, Sung Min (Comedian), Boom, Kim Hee Chul (Super Junior), Kim Jang Hoon

Battle Performers: Boom, Jadu, Lee Ji Hoon, Kim Jang Hoon

Chinese hardsubbed: megaupload.com B0KT0Y95

Currently no subs.

Credits: SOOMPI Forum

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[SBS] New X-Man
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