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 2001 愛情萬歲 - 江原道的故事 Ep14/15/16 (Dating Game Show)

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PostSubject: 2001 愛情萬歲 - 江原道的故事 Ep14/15/16 (Dating Game Show)   Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:44 pm

2001 December 愛情萬歲 EP.14/15/16 江原道的故事

(my direct translation: "Jiang Yuan Dao's story: Love Happiness Long Live Show") chinese subbed. This is some dating game show in 2001 (winter time) with a girl named "Ah Hwa" - at the end of the show, she supposed to select her partner among the four gentlemen who will propose to her ... guess who did she choose?? ... they had lots of fun ... and they're all very funny and hilarious ... enjoy! Very Happy

Guest stars : LeeJeeHoon, SungSiKyung, KimDongWan & LeeSeongJin
(special appearance JunJin & Andy from Shinhwa)
Host : ParkKyungLim

20011208 愛情萬歲 EP.14

Part 1(a)

Part 1(b)

Part 1(c)

20011215 愛情萬歲 EP.15

Part 2(a)

Part 2(b)

Part 2(c)

Part 2(d)

20011222 愛情萬歲 EP.16

Part 3(a)

Part 3(b)

Part 3(c)

Part 3(d)

credit : Shinhwa Taiwan/leejeehoon.hk/jeehoonprinceteam4

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2001 愛情萬歲 - 江原道的故事 Ep14/15/16 (Dating Game Show)
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