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 "Two Cops" Cho HyeRyun & Kim ByungMan 24/06/08 ETN (guest: Lee Jee Hoon)

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PostSubject: "Two Cops" Cho HyeRyun & Kim ByungMan 24/06/08 ETN (guest: Lee Jee Hoon)   Wed Dec 31, 2008 4:15 pm

이지훈 Lee Jee Hoon on "Two Cops" programme by Cho Hye-Ryun and Kim Byung-Man aired on 24/06/08 - he's really dashing here! Very Happy

Thanks to Jeong HyunSook from Camael for recording the program, and Park Eunwon for introducing the programme!!!
credit :http://www.leejeehoon.co.kr/

Brief INTRODUCTION of the programme written by Park Eunwon :

The show is comic programme and at first they (they are cops) arrested JH under the crime of "JH's long time reigning (holding power) as a young, cute and handsome man".

They (a woman comedian and two men) interrogated JH asking many questions.

A doctor who major in plastic surgery was invited to examine which area should JH improve. The surgeon said that JH looked so young that he considered him as his son's age, who is a high school student. The surgeon said that JH's skin is very good, so JH could act as a high school student. He concluded that JH has nothing to improve.

Cho HyeRyun asked him what perfume he wore and if his lips are natural saying some people said that JH has his lips injected... JH made sure that his lips are natural and his father too has thick lips and his skin is young like in the forties (in fact, his father is in his 60's).

Cho drove JH and Shin Bong Seon into a couple, but Shin said that JH doesn't think her as a woman, but treated her as a younger sister (she is a year younger than JH). Cho stirred up Shin to date JH but Shin kept saying that JH considered her as a younger sister. Finally, Shin and JH spoke on the phone, and Shin told JH that JH was to be blamed because he started the rumour saying Shin is good to be a girl friend. At this, JH told her that after the filming he would call her. But Shin shouted, "Oppa, why do you say that? You don't call me, do you?" JH changed, "I will leave you a message." At last Shin joked that she should marry JH and made panelists contented.

JH told that he took his nude photo by his cell phone. One day, he admired his nude body and wanted to keep that moment - that young body forever, so he took a picture of himself shown in the big mirror!

They played games with some private questions and got some penalties (drawing their faces with marker).

JH confessed that he was once hurt by a beautiful celebrity girl friend, so he doesn't take looks so highly nowadays and hopes to meet a woman of good personality.

Ah, one more thing, Cho is very straightforward... she asked JH what was the reactions/ responses of women whom he kissed. JH told her that no one is supposed to say something after kissing, but the women told him that JH is good at it... hahaha ...

Here are the complete videos for this programme :

이지훈 Lee Jee Hoon on "Two Cops" programme

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

credit : lovejeehoonteam1

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"Two Cops" Cho HyeRyun & Kim ByungMan 24/06/08 ETN (guest: Lee Jee Hoon)
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