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 Goldfish Theatre 29/11/06 (JeeHoon's cut)

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Goldfish Theatre 29/11/06 (JeeHoon's cut) Empty
PostSubject: Goldfish Theatre 29/11/06 (JeeHoon's cut)   Goldfish Theatre 29/11/06 (JeeHoon's cut) EmptyWed Dec 31, 2008 10:08 pm

posted by hanle

Goldfish Theatre 29/11/06 (JeeHoon's cut)

(No subs)

credit : shykiwi1132

(This one with chinese subs - I, Jennifer, did a quick summary for those who wanted to know what's it about.)

credit : shinhwa

This video is hilarious! Basically the teacher, LeeJeeHoon (a very popular one), teaching Biology, is very famous for his forgetfulness especially zipping his pants! I would called it "XYZ" which means X=excuse me, Y=your and Z=zip! This is a polite way of telling the other person without much embarrassment! I think it's a real cool way!
As you can see, the students knew he was coming for their lessons, they were all trying to put on their best appearances before he walked in. They loved this teacher very much as he's very handsome, always making them go weak everytime they looked at him!
For this particular lesson, he was going to cover the topic : Reproductive Organs. He went on to tell them a story about the reproductive cells and the students all melted when he said the pun of the story that sounded like the word "saranghae". But as he stepped out from behind the table, the students saw his unzipped pants and they went crazy with embarrassment! He just went on to teach his lessons without realising his mishap. He told them they must by all means protect their most private parts and said that there's only one person who would not do that - i.e. he exclaimed (spreading his legs and bending down) the "exhibitors"! Later, he noticed the students' lacked of attention, he suggested that they all stood up to do some exercises. As they didn't know how to tell him about it, one of the students tried writing a note but he just tore it. He even warned them to pay attention as this will be an examinated subject.
Finally, one of the students raised enough courage to tell him that the "secret door" is opened. But he just looked dazed and didn't get it and just said why don't you close it. After that, this student can't take it anymore and told him straight in the face that his zip is OPEN! (Here I loved JH's look!) He simply looked nonchalant and replied why didn't they told him earlier. He went behind the table to zip up his pants but ... he did it again ... he zipped it together with the table cloth!! The students were all so shocked when he dragged it along. (And you can tell JH's trying very hard not to laugh!) Before he stepped out of the classroom, he reminded them again that this will be an examinated topic and left.
Cheers for JH! He was really very good and natural without feeling the "real" embarrassment acting this particular role! I loved this video! bounce bounce

Goldfish Theatre 29/11/06 (JeeHoon's cut) LJHgif08Goldfish Theatre 29/11/06 (JeeHoon's cut) LJHgif09
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Goldfish Theatre 29/11/06 (JeeHoon's cut)
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