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 Sunday Is A Good Day [Change] Ep 8 (Jee Hoon's cut)

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PostSubject: Sunday Is A Good Day [Change] Ep 8 (Jee Hoon's cut)   Fri Jan 02, 2009 8:17 pm

This is about how Kangta pranked JeeHoon with his new look. Have a good laugh when he found out! Laughing

That day JeeHoon was in the studio preparing his new album and recording the song 그대가 떠나감니다 (She Is Leaving). Kangta wanted to prank JeeHoon by acting as a famous producer in Japan, "James Kobaya". In order to make JeeHoon believe the fake identity of Kangta, Lee Hyori and the producer of JH's song were also involved in the prank.

They changed the new song of JH to very funny words. The title of JH's song was supposed to be "그대가 떠나감니다" (She left me) but they changed it to "그대가 도망감니다" (She ran away from me).

The first part of lyrics of the original song are actually like

"She left me
and I'm here all alone
step by step, the road I walk further away
maybe I'll take a look back, sadly..."

but then, they changed the lyrics to the meaning

"She ran away from me, and I'm frozen here..
my tears are pouring, my nose is running (the Korean expressions used are actually "tears jururururu", "nose water hururururu", which are onamatopoeia)
I bought you so many presents at that time, and now I am so broke"

And then they also changed some other lyrics to words like "You carry the branded handbag that I bought you, and only returned the watch that I gave you", and "I loved you" changed to "I dumped you".

After JH found out James Kobaya was actually Kangta, he hit himself on the head saying "Oh I'm like a fool! Silly! Silly!". They were laughing so hard and JH, Kangta and the MCs join together to sing the funny song they made.

credits to lovejeehoonteam1 for the translations - thank you Very Happy

Sunday Is A Good Day [Change] Ep 8

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Sunday Is A Good Day [Change] Ep 8 (Jee Hoon's cut)
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