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 Lee Jee Hoon stars in X-MAN Variety Shows

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PostSubject: Lee Jee Hoon stars in X-MAN Variety Shows   Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:00 pm

Lee Jee Hoon stars in X-MAN variety shows.

X-Man #11
Features: kang ho dong, kim je dong,shin jung hwan, lee jee hoon, kim jong min, andy, tim, chun jung myung, hwangbo, yoon eun hye, chae yeon, lee hwa sun, kim jae in, nam sang mi

Episode 31 (2004.06.05)
megaupload.com K16NEHGF (jjhth, password:allygfamilyforum)
megaupload.com O7SIHCRD (kitkat)

Episode 32 (2004.06.12)
megaupload.com RDT5KE7Z (jjhth, password:allygfamilyforum)

Soft Subs:
X-Man #11 EP 31 and 32
megaupload.com PFRI8KD0

X-Man #40
"Pattaya Special"
Featured: kang ho dong, park kyung rim, yoon eun hye, kim jong gook, lee min ki, lee jee hoon, park joon gyu, lee jin, kim ji suk, shin hye sung, ji sang ryul, andy, haha, hwang bo, ha joo hee, kim eun joo

Episode 89 (2005.07.17) megaupload.com 9KXZIRUU (kitkat)
Episode 90 (2005.07.24) megaupload.com NZB98TXC (kitkat)
Episode 91 (2005.07.31) megaupload.com 4REYPW54 (kitkat)

Soft SUBS:
X-Man #40 Ep 89,90 & 91 (credit: Rxgoodleaf)
megaupload.com 41W9PLBF

CREDITS: SOOMPI Subbing teams and SOOMPI

** I laugh a lot after watching this show! Jee Hoon is very funny in there.

posted by Geez

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Lee Jee Hoon stars in X-MAN Variety Shows
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