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 [Movie] Sweet Dreams (Japanese)

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PostSubject: [Movie] Sweet Dreams (Japanese)   [Movie] Sweet Dreams (Japanese) EmptyFri Dec 26, 2008 10:49 pm

[Movie] Sweet Dreams (Japanese) Sweetdream01

[Movie] Sweet Dreams (Japanese) Sweetdream02

[Movie] Sweet Dreams (Japanese) Sweetdream03

[Movie] Sweet Dreams (Japanese) Sweetdream04

[Movie] Sweet Dreams (Japanese) Sweetdream041he9

This is from one of Camael's fan called 'young', her views regarding 'Altar Boyz' ... she also mentioned the Japanese Production Movie that Jee Hoon acted 'Sweet Dreams' ...

altar boyz..on 12..
today.. the weekend..
the day i can watch JH's show..
and I got the ticket.
and my friend, also JH's fan who lives in the country side would come to see his show..
but yesterday.. i heard a bad news..
our pretty JH was sick..
he performed his last night show
with having a shot of an anodyne (a pain killer) and an injection of glucose.
At the beginning part, he acted more powerfully.
but at the ending part.. he felt sufferings..
because the medicine effect was disappeared.
so the show was very hard to him last night..
he was really really sick.

this morning..
the musical procucing company changed Matt .. from JH to another actor.. who is double casted.
in order to save JH's health 'cause there are many shows remained except today's.
but .. JH insisted he wouldl do his role..
JH said.. he had to do for his fans who would come to see him..
JH's management company tried to prevent him to perform..today
at last.. they all lost jh's stubbornness.

at the today's first show.. he acted very well and actively.
i felt.. 'cause JH was sick..
other members decided to help JH by cheering him up.
so they acted very vigorly .
and because of them.. he could act more actively.
the show was very good.
JH was excellent.

me.. who knows his sickness.. how was i?

in 2nd show.. he did well..
he danced so well.. now i think he is the best among them..
as you know.. his dancing posture, movement is very pretty..
i can't describe how pretty when he is dancing..
but at the ending part.. he touched his chest .. several times..
what was the meaning..? he felt sickness.
when i catched he touched his chest with his hand.. in secret..
i almost cried.
poor boy.. but he was great .. today..
our pretty boy did his best for his fans.. his duty. and his life.

when i was waiting for the show.. I met JH's chief manager.
and asked about his illness.
he was hurt on the chest..when he was filming.. sweet dreams.
at the action scene..it was decided he was hit with a big stick.
according to the signal.. he had to avoid when someone hit him.
but the signal didn't matched each other..
he was hit with a big stick..

i hate the movie..
it has given him much suffering and agony, hurt maybe in his mind.
it made jh work nothing..for the last 1 year and about 4months.
and at last it gave him a wound.
he might get a lot of hurts in and outside of him.

at last he has been free from the movie.. ..
long journey..

after the show.. when we met him outside the hall.
we said hello and say goodbye to let him go early to get rest in his house.
he said.. do you know where he feels sufferings? .?
we said..yes we know..
take some rest and go to see a doctor..
he said.. i will be better when i take some rest.
it's a top secret.. jh doesn't like to go to the hospital. ^^/
how cute..
how old is he?
when he is really sick and goes to the hospital..
and when he has to take a shot on his buttocks
who gives him the shot?
they say and he says, too. his buttocks are very pretty..^^
who is the lucky girl?
today's issue of the camael..^^

and when we said ... you performed the show well..
he said.. you didn't see the first show..
i did the first show .. definitely very well..
then i said.. i watched..
he said to me.. i did very well at the first show , didn't I..?
I said.. you did extremely very well, both of them.. ^^
cute , nice, cute , pure, cute , naive, cute , innocent.
now i regret a little..
why didn't i say .. yes.. your first show was really excellent..^^
that's the answer he wanted.
stupid i was..

and then we let him go early.. for him...
that's all..

i have one thing more to tell you..
i am leaving seoul for 2~3days.. for summer holiday..
when the sun rises..
at first.. my hus wanted to go today..
but i insisted ..let's leave tomorrow..
as you know I had to see JH's show
and meet my friend, one of JH's fan.
so we'll leave tomorrow..

without me ,please keep this site.. for JH, .
if there is a chance to come here in the country..
see you...


今天去逛日本官網時看到一個消息。(During stella's surfing of this website, she found this piece of information.)

自由揭示板10/30的,0121hama小姐的留言~~ (A message from Ms 0121hama)
以前、高知で撮影をしていて未公開となっていた映画「Sweet Dreams」の公開が決まったようです。



That this movie [Sweet Dreams] will be released in Korea around a month's time soon after its released in Japan.

source : leejeehoon.hk
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Number of posts : 283
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PostSubject: Re: [Movie] Sweet Dreams (Japanese)   [Movie] Sweet Dreams (Japanese) EmptyFri Dec 26, 2008 10:53 pm

I received extra information from stella of leejeehoon.hk ...

Quote :
Well...I am not sure, some said 2005, and some 2006....(perhaps in between these 2 years?)

All I know was that JH was injured when shooting this film..
and that wound still could be seen in the performance of Altar Boyz in 2006.

JH sacrificed many things for this film...but it's never broad casted until January, 2009...
I feel sorry when I know the history ....
pale confused

Poor Jee Hoon! Crying or Very sad

so maybe we can anticipate this film to be in the movie theatres next year then ... Wink
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PostSubject: Re: [Movie] Sweet Dreams (Japanese)   [Movie] Sweet Dreams (Japanese) EmptySun Mar 01, 2009 3:21 pm

Sweet Dreams Trailer
[Movie] Sweet Dreams (Japanese) Sweetdreamteasercap

credit : hippytw
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[Movie] Sweet Dreams (Japanese) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Movie] Sweet Dreams (Japanese)   [Movie] Sweet Dreams (Japanese) Empty

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[Movie] Sweet Dreams (Japanese)
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