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 Lee Jee Hoon in Charitable Activity

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PostSubject: Lee Jee Hoon in Charitable Activity   Wed Jan 07, 2009 10:14 pm

Lee Jee Hoon in Charitable Activity - North Korean Family "My Child Goes Home"

You're My Destiny actor Lee Jee Hoon (29) was at the Jeollabukdo Gunsan Annex Telecom Call Center on 10 Oct 2008 to spend time with families.

The charity event, which was sponsored by Annex Telecom, was catered to children who are being brought up by their grandparents.

Around 100 people were invited to the special event. However, since the show was an open concert thingy, the citizens of Gunsan had a blast as well.

Other celebrities included Yuri, beauty queen turned singer Ham So-won, Yoon Taek and Boy Band Supernova (Cho Shin Sung).

Our beloved Jee Hoon with friends entertain families in Gunsan. He looked so angelic with kids ... aarh ... Very Happy so sweet ... and he sang duet with Yuri ssi. bounce

[군산(전북)=유혜정 기자]

10일 오후 전라북도 군산 에넥스텔레콤 콜센터에서 연예인게임단 이지훈 유리 함소원 윤택 초신성(건일,윤학,성모,지혁,광수,성제) 김현철 LJ 등이 군산시 조손 가정 어린이들을 위한 자선행사를 열었다.

에넥스텔레콤 연예인게임단이 주최하는 군산시 내 조손 가정 어린이들을 위한 자선행사로 100여명의 조손 가정 어린이들을 초청해 함께 저녁을 나누며 더불어 연예인들의 공연을 선보여 조손 가정 어린이들 뿐 아니라 군산시 시민들에게도 즐거움을 선사했다.

유혜정 kicoo2@newsen.com

[포토엔]이지훈, 감미로운 음색 여성들 가슴 설레게해~

Jee Hoon shared a light moment with the children.

Concerned: 'Here kid, don't leave on an empty stomach when there's free food.'

source : leejeehoon.hk

credit : http://k-popped.com/2008/10/lee-ji-hoon-friends-entertain-families.html

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Lee Jee Hoon in Charitable Activity
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