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 Another Snack Delivery by Camael! Thank You!

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Another Snack Delivery by Camael! Thank You! Empty
PostSubject: Another Snack Delivery by Camael! Thank You!   Another Snack Delivery by Camael! Thank You! EmptyMon Jan 19, 2009 10:53 am

Source from : leejeehoon.co.kr from Camael by Esther

Hi Everyone ^^

A group of Camael members went to visit JH at one of the Wednesday radio shows that he regularly is on! ^_^ Here's what the Camael President posted at the Korean board a few days ago...


English Translations ^^
(This is a recap from our Camael President, Kim Kyung Hee ssi, about their visit to Yoon Do Hyun's Music Show on Wednesday 7/16 to
see JH^^)

We are back from delivering snacks to JH!!

As you may know, JH was on Yoon Do Hyun's Music Show yesterday!! Even with the rain and bad weather, it did not stop the many Camael
family members from showing up ^^

Around 2:30 p.m., we all gathered and waited and around 2:50 p.m., we saw JH oppa!! He was dressed in a while t-shirt and white pants!!
And perhaps due to JH not being able to eat well because of the "Happiness with 10000 Won" program, JH looked really really thin. ㅠ_ㅠ

Before he went into the recording booth, we presented JH with the snacks our Vice President (Choi Ju Hee ssi) handmade: a set of sweet
cinnamon punch, walnut pie, and rice cake sandwiches!! ^^ We also gave JH gifts that others prepared and brought!! ^^

I'm certain that at first they were not around, but all of a sudden we noticed that a camera man from "Happiness with 10000 Won" was standing right next to us;

After Oppa went inside the recording studio, we took our seats in front of the booth on the benches there and cheered for JH.

And how the Music Show staff joyfully accepted our snacks!! It was really fun. hehe ...

And JH was told that it was ok for him to eat during the radio program, so JH oppa ate well throughout the program until the end!! hehehe
We were so happy to see him eat, even if it was just the snacks. hahaha!!

And JH even gave us a live treat/present: "Like rain, like music" - right? How does he sing live so well like that!! I have known that he really has a talent for live singing from long before, but it's no surprise that he really is a class act~

And it seems that Oppa sings other singers' songs better and with more feeling than his own!! He even scored 97 on the NoraeBang (like Karoake^^) event. ^^

Anyway, one hour flew by faster than we realized, and it was a very happy and fun one hour.

We waited for Oppa to come out after the program was over and we took photos together. And some Junior High fans came by with interest
over JH and so Oppa kindly gave them all autographs... it really was a Shya Bang Shya Bang kind of a day!!

Even with the rain coming down, Oppa was shining/glowing radiantly hehe ... Then he had to leave as he said that he needed to prepare for the "Feast with just 1000 Won!!" (US $1 T.T)

And he was scheduled for "Starry Night" (with Park Kyung Lim) later in the day, right!! Since this is also a regular appearance for JH, as we did for the Yoon Do Hyun show last time, we ordered fruit packages for this show~

Because the fridge shelf life is short for the fruit packages and the show is so late in the day, we arranged that the snacks be delivered directly to JH's manager. And also since nobody is allowed past the MBC main entrance gate anyway, we decided that this was the best way to get the snacks delivered.

And the snacks were mentioned on the program, right? hehe ... Since the show is so late in the night, we figured that fruit would be a great
light snack!! And also since Park Kyung Lim ssi is pregnant right now hehe ...

Whenever we prepare snacks, our very considerate Oppa never forgets and sends his thanks to Camael during each of the programs hehe (he's so generous~)

Next time, let's gather even more Camael family members and go again together!!

Because I'm at home right now, once I get to school a little later, I will work on the photos and upload them. Please wait a little bit. ^^

Another Snack Delivery by Camael! Thank You! 2008_07_16_2

Another Snack Delivery by Camael! Thank You! LJHgif08Another Snack Delivery by Camael! Thank You! LJHgif09
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Number of posts : 283
Registration date : 2008-12-26

Another Snack Delivery by Camael! Thank You! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Another Snack Delivery by Camael! Thank You!   Another Snack Delivery by Camael! Thank You! EmptyMon Jan 19, 2009 10:56 am

Thank you Camael and Eunwon ssi

Continuation ... A Fantastic Wednesday with JH

Another Snack Delivery by Camael! Thank You! 460159

Another Snack Delivery by Camael! Thank You! 460161

Hello, everyone!

I am sorry to be late to write about seeing JH at KBS. It is great that you just visit KBS and then you can see JH every Wednesday for the time being. He will start to sing the second song from his 6th album in August (He wrote about his schedule in his mini homepage. I wonder which song he will choose to follow "Sorry for My Heart." Maybe "You Are Leaving" or "Please Stop Loving Me."), so he will keep appearing in the "Yoon Do Hyun's Music Show" in August and in September... I hope so.

JH is supposed to attend the viewable radio program from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. When I went to the main KBS building after wandering about at the KBS new building, the other fans already were in front of the viewable radio booth. The workers for KBS had been holding a demonstration, so it was very noisy there.

Our JH had to spend a little time looking for place where to park his van. Presently, JH walked up the stairs and showed his handsome face. How handsome he is! He was more handsome, cute, beautiful... than ever before. You can see his picture at Pds/Photo and here but he was million times more handsome than the photos. The photos didn't show his good looks. All fans greeted him and Jungeun asked him if he could see us after the program. He nodded to say yes. How cute! Most fans would be contented to watch him talking in the program but Jungeun wanted JH to have short time for a Japanese fan who visited him for the Asian Dream Concert in Daecheon on Sunday and prolonged her stay against her friends' going back home and her husband's uneasy feelings(^^). I didn't know when but the Camera from the "Happiness with 10,000 won" was recording us. How terrible! (I changed my schedule saying "I have some business, so I ..." and my family didn't know where I was going that day. When they see me on TV, I ...) Most members turned back or hid their faces...^^

After JH went into the building, we seated ourselves on the benches in front of the radio booth. JH started the program and they mentioned the fans outside of the booth. I couldn't hear their dialogue because of the noise from the demonstration, but I heard the program again later, so I knew JH mentioned the thankful Japanese fan from far away. He remembers most fans and more than that, the Japanese fan visited him many times this year. She came for March Fanmeeting, Change program, his comeback stage, and Daecheon concert... Camael prepared snacks for him as you know and one more thing! JH and Yoon DoHyun make a bet every Wednesday. JH won the bet twice continuously. How relieved for him to win this time. It was good for JH^^

There were a report and photos from the staff of the program on the program homepage, so I brought them here. The message is very interesting.


지난주에 윤DJ와 이지훈 씨가 내기를 했었죠.
As you know, Yoon DJ(Disk Jockey) and Mr. Lee Jee Hoon made a bet last week.
다음주 수요일 오후 2시의 여의도 온도는?
”What is the temperature in Yeoido (where KBS is located) at 2:00 p.m. next Wednesday?”
이지훈 - 33.8도
Lee Jee Hoon – 33.8°C
윤DJ - 34도
Yoon DJ - 34°C
그러나 이날의 온도는, 27도
The temperature of the day was 27°C
사실 말도 안되는 격차죠...
It really was not a difference at all…
그러나 윤DJ는 고작 0.2도의 차이로 이지훈 씨에게 또 다시 간식을 헌납해야 했습니다..
But Yoon DJ had to provide JH with another snack again this time at the difference of the mere 0.2°C…

이지훈 씨가 원래 치킨을 굉장히 좋아한다고 하시더라구요.
I heard that Mr. Lee Jee Hoon likes chicken very much.
그래서 시켰어요!! 순살치킨으로다가!
So, I ordered one!! All flesh fried chicken!

때마침 이지훈 씨가 만원의 행복 촬영중이라, 방송중에만 마음놓고 먹을수 있다길래 아예 통째로 옆에 갖다 드렸어요.
JH was shooting for the “Happiness with 10,000 won” at that time and they said that JH could eat only in programs on air, so I placed the chicken box beside him.
친절한 우리 윤DJ, 옆에서 목메지 말라고 무를 까주고 계시네요. 아, 세심하여라~
Our kind Yoon DJ, he is unpacking the side dish “pickled radish” for JH. Ah, how thoughtful~
그리고 지난주에 약속한 라이브는 이지훈 씨가 목상태가 안좋은 관계로 다음주에 들려드리려고 했는데, 치킨 먹고 힘낸 이지훈 씨!! 노래까지 불러주셨지 뭡니까~
And last week, Mr. Lee Jee Hoon promised to sing live today, but as his throat is not in good condition, the pleasure to hear him sing might be postponed to next week… against all the worries, Mr. Lee Jee Hoon, who regained his strength after eating the fried chicken, sang a song!!!
역시 간식의 힘! 멕여놓고 일시키는 방송, <윤도현의 뮤직쇼>
The power of snack really! The program which serves food and makes people work, “Yoon Do Hyun’s Music Show”.


How interesting! And I appreciate the staff very much. All the other people in the booth enjoyed the snacks Camael provided. And especially Yoon Do Hyun admired the rice cake sandwich. I didn't know the sandwich was made of rice cake. Yoon said that the sandwich was made of rice cake, meat... something like crêpe. All~ people enjoyed the sweet cinnamon punch! I didn't know that, either, but later I confirmed the brown juice was the sweet cinnamon punch. I thought it was tea. Wonderful snacks! Thoughtful vice president(Choi JooHee)!

Around 3:25 p.m. it began to rain again and the wind drove the rain into the bench, so we moved and stuck to the window of the booth and I had the chance to watch JH closer. When JH saw the large window, it was hard for me to see him straight, but I gathered all my courage and kept seeing him. When JH sang a song, as the noise was not so loud and the speaker was near, I could enjoy his song. (You will be able to hear his song at Pds/Moving soon.) How fantastic! I was glad I could applaud JH that day.

There were many young visitors who were on their field study. They shouted, "Wow, he is Yoon Do Hyun. Hey, hey, there is Lee Jee Hoon." When the program was over, many young fans were waiting for JH outside of the building with us. I worried that they would rush into JH but they were just staring at him whispering with their friends. After the Camael president exchaned words with JH, JH took photos with the Japanese fan. (The other Korean fans already have photos with JH and they knew there would be many other opportunities and all fans worried over JH's health and didn't want to bother him. But the Japanese fan had all the trouble coming from far away and she is a senior citizen, so all the other fans were glad to see JH and the fan take photos.) JH, who always cares for fans much, noticed that young fans couldn't come near him and told them, "Bring the paper to me. I will autograph for you." Then, some excited fans came near him and got his autograph and some fans shouted to him, "You are so nice and cool." How cute they are!

Fans followed him to his van which was parked at the street in front of the KBS. The demonstration kept his van from parking in the parking lot in KBS... JH and the Camael president talked more and suddenly JH held his hand out and shook hands with the Japanese fan... I didn't expect I could shake hands with him, but he stretched his hand to me, too. I thought he pitied me who couldn't say a word to him. It was my second handshake with him! The aftereffect of handshake goes far. I am still smiling remembering that moment^^ Jungeun could shake hands with him, too. And he said goodbye and got in his van. Then, I noticed the Japanese fan burst into tears with joy of seeing him. For some time after JH's van left, Korean fans took turns soothing her!

It was great to see him eat something. I worried much because of the "Happiness of 10,000 won" program. He should eat enough and keep being healthy for us!!!



captions in the upper right photo
--- the winner of two games in a row, Lee Jee Hoon
he won over DoHyun hyung by 0.2°C
the snack which he wanted... is the very Fried Chicken
(hyung is older brother--when boys/men call friendly older boys/men older than him, they call
hyung like girls/women call older boys/men oppa)

the red caption-- the snack which you may be crazy if you can't eat now
which parodied the sub title of the music show for Wednesday "Ji Mot Mi,
abbreviation for 'Ji keum mot deul eu myeon mi chil gut kat eun shin cheong
gok' (application/wanted songs you may be crazy if you can't hear now)"

captions in the lower photo
--- "Like Rain, Like Music" Lee Jee Hoon Live
("Like Rain, Like Music" is the song of the late Kim Hyun Sik)

You can enjoy other photos. You can see JH in the photos taken on Wednesday. Check the date^^ They posted photos a day later.
You can find JH's photos on July 17, July 10, July 3, June 26, June 19 and June 1.


Another Snack Delivery by Camael! Thank You! LJHgif08Another Snack Delivery by Camael! Thank You! LJHgif09
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Another Snack Delivery by Camael! Thank You!
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