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 Lee Jee Hoon in Arirang TV's Showbiz Extra "Star Focus"

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Lee Jee Hoon in  Arirang TV's Showbiz Extra "Star Focus" Empty
PostSubject: Lee Jee Hoon in Arirang TV's Showbiz Extra "Star Focus"   Lee Jee Hoon in  Arirang TV's Showbiz Extra "Star Focus" EmptyMon Jan 19, 2009 11:55 am

Lee Jee Hoon in  Arirang TV's Showbiz Extra "Star Focus" YUC48fc1

Singer and actor Lee Ji-hoon returns to the music industry after four years with his sixth album, "The Classic"! His much-awaited comeback and "Ji-hoon style" ballads are delighting fans. Today's "Star Focus" sits down with Lee Ji-hoon!

Lee Ji-hoon made his debut as a singer, but for the past four years, he has been busy following his acting career. When he finally decided to get back into music, he took his time - two years in fact! That's how much time he spent preparing his sixth album.

He went to great lengths to ensure the highest quality he could for his new album. Lee Ji-hoon went all the way to the Czech Republic - the motherland of classic music. Scenes from his trip are included in his music video, the magnificent sounds of a 40-musician Czech orchestra and the beautiful streets of Prague!

For his album, Ji-hoon worked with Miriam Nemcova of the 'Praga Sinfonietta,' who had conducted the score for the "Harry Potter" movies.
Nemcova helped him fuse Korea ballads with poetic sentiment.

Lee Ji-hoon's heartfelt monologue tells a painful love story in his new title track, "I'm Sorry, My Heart." But that's not the only track that'll impress fans! His 12 years of experience in music lends the singer a depth to all nine tracks on his sixth album.

In 1996, Lee Ji-hoon debuted as a high school student, eager to share his worth with the world! He released multiple hits like "Why Does the Sky" and "Anytime." The singer was boosted easily into the top tiers of K-pop by an adoring public, then he went on to movies, TV dramas, and even musicals!

Lee Ji-hoon's greatest advantage as an entertainer is his multi-faceted personality.

He can melt hearts with his sorrowful music performances, then bring laughter to audiences with his outgoing, playful manner in TV variety shows! We asked the star about how he would describe his real personality.

Lee Ji-hoon wasn't always a soloist. He joined best friends Kangta and Shin Hye-sung to form the hit project Group S! Ambition may have given him direction, but the love from fans was what propelled him forward.

Currently, Lee Ji-hoon's hard at work promoting his sixth album and the filming for the TV drama, "You are My Destiny," the life of a true multi-tainer! No time for dating or relationships, but perhaps he didn't mind because he's so busy - ?

This celebrity's career wasn't all about "ups," though. He had his fair share of "downs," as well. Then he decided that he'd have to mature in his music and acting, in order to sustain his livelihood. Lee Ji-hoon became his own biggest critic.

Lee Ji-hoon. He pushed his boundaries until he broke free of the mold! His sixth album is a testament to his deeper understanding of life and music. We hope you'll applaud him in his musical work and acting ventures.

Click here to watch the video.

Credits : Arirang TV

Lee Jee Hoon in Arirang TV's Showbiz Extra "Star Focus" 17 June 2008

credit : lovejeehoonteam2

Lee Jee Hoon in  Arirang TV's Showbiz Extra "Star Focus" LJHgif08Lee Jee Hoon in  Arirang TV's Showbiz Extra "Star Focus" LJHgif09
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Lee Jee Hoon in Arirang TV's Showbiz Extra "Star Focus"
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