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 Lee Jee Hoon will show up on ETN Show

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Lee Jee Hoon will show up on ETN Show Empty
PostSubject: Lee Jee Hoon will show up on ETN Show   Lee Jee Hoon will show up on ETN Show EmptyMon Jan 19, 2009 12:03 pm

posted by Geez

Singer and actor Lee Jee Hoon, who has come back with his sixth album after four years’ absence, drew people’s attention with his surprising try to win a Shin Bong Seon’s love.

Lee Jee Hoon once told that Shin Bong Seon is Ms. Right for him in a reality show (Happy Together) and this time, he showed up at “Two Cops, Cho Hye-Ryun and Kim Byung-Man” on ETN and talked without reserve at the repeated and tenacious questions of MC Cho Hye Ryun about the relation with Shin Bong Seon.

At the question about the relation with Shin Bong Seon, Lee Jee Hoon answered that they exchanged cell phone messages such as “I love you.”

Lee Jee Hoon said, “Bong Seon’s house and mine are just within a ten-minute distance (They all live at Hwagok dong, but we don’t go out to meet. We love each other in the boundary of the same religion (They are Christians.).” He smiled and was to come to the finish, but his answers rather stirred up the MCs and panelists and made them more curious about the truth of his remarks.

Besides, Cho Hye Ryun said to Lee Jee Hoon, “Can you marry Shin Bong Seon?”. and Lee Jee Hoon answered, “I think Bong Seon will do well to her husband (when she gets married), but it is a bit early to mention marriage now. I am worrying if Bong Seon will get hurt at this conversation.” His remarks made many attendees surprised once again.

Cho Hye Ryun claimed to be a matchmaker at Lee Jee Hoon’s confession and spoke highly of Shin Bong Seon saying, “Shin Bong Seon is a truthful person and attractive as a woman.” Cho Hye Ryun tried to make a phone call to Shin Bong Seon and did her best to be a stepping stone between the two.

Shin Bong Seon made a kiss sound at the phone at the request of Cho Hye Ryun and said with amicable voice, “I don’t have any other choice but to marry him as this will be aired.”

While he was filming the show, Lee Jee Hoon told that he took his nude photo himself.

Lee Jee Hoon said, “I was deeply impressed by my body shown at the mirror after taking a shower, I took a photo of whole nude body.” “My hips are high up and tight and these make many people admire my back view. I am confident in my hips and I can take my hips as my charming part,” said Lee Jee Hoon and he made many panelists curious.

ETN “Two Cops, Cho Hye Ryun and Kim Byung Man, -- with Lee Jee Hoon” will air at midnight on Tuessay, June 24th, on ETN and you can enjoy Lee Jee Hoon’s frankness / straightforwardness as well as his public proposal (?) to Shin Bong Seon.

Credits : Eunwon from CAMAEL

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Lee Jee Hoon will show up on ETN Show
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