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 Lee Jee Hoon, "My ideal type is ......"

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Lee Jee Hoon, "My ideal type is ......" Empty
PostSubject: Lee Jee Hoon, "My ideal type is ......"   Lee Jee Hoon, "My ideal type is ......" EmptySat Dec 27, 2008 1:45 pm

Singer Lee Jee Hoon made a confession about his ideal type.
On the 21st broadcast of MBC's '오늘밤만 재워줘,' Lee Jee Hoon said, "Lately I've been praying for a girlfriend and spouse." He added, "I'd like to meet the woman that I'm praying for."

"I don't discriminate much when it comes to the outward appearance but it would be nice if she had Kim Tae Hee's eyes, Song Hye Kyo's face shape (style), and Song Ye Jin's lips," He said with laughter.

He said, "If I get a girlfriend, the first thing that I want to do most is kiss." He also made a surprising confession, " I also really like grasping the ear."

Lee Jee Hoon, "My ideal type is ......" 200811221043381001_1

source: www.songhyegyo.net

Posted by hanle.

Lee Jee Hoon, "My ideal type is ......" Sign
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Lee Jee Hoon, "My ideal type is ......"
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