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 Interviewing Group S on 12 Aug 2005

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Interviewing Group S on 12 Aug 2005 Empty
PostSubject: Interviewing Group S on 12 Aug 2005   Interviewing Group S on 12 Aug 2005 EmptyWed Jan 28, 2009 8:32 pm

I thought it was hilarious and you guys might enjoy this - getting to know Jee Hoon. Laughing lol!

Interviewing Group S (Aug 12 2005 10 35 AM)

[yeah...he is so cute n adorable in wonderful life !!i know him because he is kang ta n hye sung 's best friend..n they r a band 'S'.

'S' interview..ji hoon is so amazing!!

1. who likes to dressed-up the most??
Kangta : JIHOON!!!!!!!! (rubbing jihoon's face)
Hyesung : its Jihoon....i guess?? because always we haad an appointment he is always late, he always dressed like he is going for a wedding ceremony
Kangta : remember once we went out fro skiing, then for lunch, after that we hab a show, after that we went out for a drink, everybody guess how many suits of clothes he changed?? ( Jihoon gestured as if he wanted to hit Kangta)
Hyesung : look!! he is bullying Kangta again!! ok u say it urselb how many suits u've changed??!! 5 suits rite??!! (roar of laughter from the crowds)
wonder where he got so many suits of clothes
Jihoon : hey!! i took it from kangta's house, remember we went to kangta's house for a drink?? i was drunk so i slept there......next morning i just grab a few suits n put it on, never wonder why its all soo small, ......Kangta really hab a wierd body ...it doesnt suits me, i cant wear it. AHAHAHAHA.
Kangta : who said so!!! u are flatly fat!! i hab a wonderfull body shape , u dunt believe?? ask Hyesung..
Hyesung : oh Kangta you should not ask me.......the next your will do this to me ( Hyesung acting strangled)
Jihoon : is you wanna ask, ask Jeejoon!!!
Kangta : why??
Jihoon : Heejoon's Fans is way strongger than Hyesung's fans!!!!

2. who is the luckiest with woman??
Kangta : Jihoon
Jihoon : Kangta
Hyesung : Kangta (Kangta givin an innocent face)
Jihoon : you guys dont know bout it, once we three went out for lunch, Hyesung and me went to the toilet for awhile...guess what happened when we came back?? HAHA!!!!our places were sat by 2 beautiful ladies.....all we can do is sit at the table opposite them.
Hyesung : yount woudnt know his expression at that time....he hinted Jihoon but Jihoon wouldnt bother bout him.....he look at me HAHA but sorry Kangta i cant do anything....

3. why ask Jihoon for help??
Kangta : because he always deals with this situation, Girls ened up folllowing him....
Hyesung : talking bout this point we'll get MAD!!! we always hafto take a taxi home....
Kangta : now we let him take his car home!!
Jihoon : AHAHAHA sincee when i did that......
Hyesung : later we tried to call him, but his cell phone was off. wonder whats he doing.....( Hyesung n Kangta doing a thinking pose)
Hyesung : LeeJihoon.....dont try to change topics!!
Jihoon : i did not!! hey u guys dont talk bad bout me......dont spoil my reputation in my fans heart....
Kangta : nevermind....you confessed or not it doesnt matters...ah.....??( rubbing Jihoon's face)
Jihoon : FINE!!! no matter how i explain it wont be clear....
Kangta : never mind make some spring rolls for me when u get home yea??!! ( Jihoon messing Kangta's hair)
wow Jihoon knows how to make spring rolls!

4. who is the most short tempered??
Kangta : Hyesung
Jihoon : Hyesung
Hyesung : looks like its me!!
Jihoon : remember once i accidentally had my legs on his sookso's table cloth , he got angry n dint bother me for a week!!! till i present him a table cloth, then he talks to me.

5. who talks about girls the most??
Kangta : Jihoon!
Hyesung : Jihoon!!
Jihoon : why its me??
Kangta : becuz u hab up to 200 girls telephone number in ur cellphone directories
Hyesung : always you answers the phone u go 'Hunnie~~' ....
Jihoon : NO!!!!!!!!!! I WAS FRAMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( begs Kangta for help)
Kangta : dunt look at me, u snatched my toys...
Jihoon : its only a bear......
Kangta : ok then take out your phone..
Jihoon : this cellphone is given by Kangta
Kangta : let us see whats on his cellphone.....1.......2.....AHAHAHA (trying to kiss Johoon) ....3.......Euge.....(Jihoon snatches away his phone from Kangta...it must be Eugene ahahaha)
Kangta : i dint mean to do it, wanna give a call back??
Hyesung : well we can excuse you n not to listen....
Jihoon : i begg you 2 let me go......

6. what presents did you give each other??
Jihoon : give Hyesung a necklace....Kangta a Ring ( why its like a boy friend giving girlfriend gifts?)
Hyesung : i gave Kangta a suit of clothes, Jihoon a pair of shoes
Kangta : AHAHAHHAHAHA gave Jihoon 999 stalks of roses and a kiss, gave hyesung a kiss n 999 stalks of roses!!!

7. what did u give your girlfriend last year?
Kangta : Obviously this question is for Jihoon
Hyesung : YUP Kangta n Me dunt have girlfriend yet
Jihoon : HAHA last year..i gave...................i dunt wanna tell u guys
Kangta : what you give this year??
Jihoon : i gave myself to her!!
Hyesung : i pity her....(jihoon hits hyesung on the head)
Jihoon : ready to give her my day
Kangta : no wonder she ask her company for a day leave on #rd of March.....

8. use a type of plant or flower to describe each other ...
Kangta : Hyesung must be a Lavender...Jihoon is a wild grass by the roadside AHAHAHHA
Hyesung : Kangta is a white lily..very pure, Jihoon must be a rose ahahaha
Jihoon : Kangta must be those unnfound species of flower in this world, awaits for his lover to find him n love him, must be a rare flower, Hyesung is the kind type..like a sun facing the bright side yesh!! he is the SunFlower!!
Kangta : he must be Writing love letters alot....saying things like this
Hyeung : yea..agree ]

credit : http://asianfanatics.net/forum/lofiv...p/t107611.html

Aug 13 2005 7 49 AM
QUOTE(star** @ Aug 12 2005 5 35 PM)
Group S Interview..Jeehoon is so amazing!!

Interviewing Group S on 12 Aug 2005 LJHgif08Interviewing Group S on 12 Aug 2005 LJHgif09
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Interviewing Group S on 12 Aug 2005
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