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 Group S 组合- 愛心演唱會報導 (chinese subs)

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Group S 组合- 愛心演唱會報導 (chinese subs) Empty
PostSubject: Group S 组合- 愛心演唱會報導 (chinese subs)   Group S 组合- 愛心演唱會報導 (chinese subs) EmptyWed Jan 28, 2009 9:27 pm

Group S in an interview /report "Love Charity Show" Concert - HyeSung, Kangta & JeeHoon - really very sweet! They were asked who was the most charitable among them with a big lovable heart - Kangta said it was JH! He said JH always loved to help out in any small possible way on his part - so caring of him! ^_^ When HyeSung was being lead away because they were also doing an interview with Shinhwa simultaneously - JH (quite naughty & funny) asked him to promote the 'S' members and their activities too during his interview with his Shinhwa members. So smart! Very Happy Laughing Razz

Group S 组合- 愛心演唱會報導 (chinese subs)

credit : lovejeehoonteam1
轉自: http://tv.mofile.com/7QWTVBBK

Group S 组合- 愛心演唱會報導 (chinese subs) LJHgif08Group S 组合- 愛心演唱會報導 (chinese subs) LJHgif09
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Group S 组合- 愛心演唱會報導 (chinese subs)
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