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 Sweet memory!!

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Sweet memory!! Empty
PostSubject: Sweet memory!!   Sweet memory!! EmptySat Jun 20, 2009 12:52 am

Dear Everyone Very Happy I miss you all gals, sorry that I cant help to reactive of this thread.
Now I have time to share my latest sweet experience in Seoul and Busan to you.
and I want you to know how sweet guy JH is.

Firstly I would like to thanks Mr.LimChaeik , Jh's manager who can recognize me and Khans Indonesian friend who join the long trip in Korea with me again this time. Very Happy He treat me very warm and kind even he and JH are very busy.
The musical 'Harmonium in my memory'~ is very great and JH can show the mavellous perf altogether with shone his charisma on stage. I do confess that I love only one song from this musical and it make me fly there to hear this song by myself 'Nae Sarang SuJung'
even it sad but very touch especially with JH's sweet voice ...I feel like be in a daydream.
Camael's set the fan meeting to greet and bless JH after last musical in Seoul, by pity I had no chance to take photo of him by Camael's staff forbided it.
But the most exciting moment is Shocked Jeehoon ssi ~ he can remember me cheers not even he chose to walk directly to me first but he also recognized that I'm the foreigner so he spoke to me some english words. It's my first time to hear he speak English!!! (form 6 times I fly there to see him)...unbelievable til I forgot to give my present to him at first so I have second lucky chance to give it to him with hand shaking.

The next exciting was happended again in Busan on the last day of musical perf.
In Busan there are no Camael's staff can available for that day so many things quite not neat for the after musical meeting but Jh can hold it very well.
Because many fans there quite strict to Camael's and too shy to get close to JH that day (camael always let us stand 2 m gap from JH to let everyone can see him clear and prevent some accident to him by chaotic fans)
heee....but JH himself told us that 'Please come closer ..why you stay so far away from me' with big smile cyclops so all of us step closer to him just left the gap around 1' only cyclops may be ...he is too tired to speak louder so he let us did that.
After he chatted with many fans for a while they seem be in ruch to go some place as I guess is...He'd hurry to go to Hyesung ssi concer in Busan that day.
After JH started to touch our hand...as always ...around 10 people passed then my turn...I's holding the big present in my arm and becuase of exciting ....Jh saw my uncomfort Embarassed to shake his hand so...he grab my right hand with his right hand and spread his left arm to hold my left shoulder instead ...WOWO....He hugged me!!! lol! ...hey ..please dont jealous me...
If you have time and want to recieve this sweet experience like me ...please join us to support him in Korea or some proper places.
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Sweet memory!!
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