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 080628 MBC<찾아라 맛있는 TV - Lee Jee Hoon

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080628 MBC<찾아라 맛있는 TV - Lee Jee Hoon Empty
PostSubject: 080628 MBC<찾아라 맛있는 TV - Lee Jee Hoon   080628 MBC<찾아라 맛있는 TV - Lee Jee Hoon EmptySat Jan 03, 2009 2:39 pm

This is a new variety show that Park Kyung Lim hosted about "looking for good and delicious food". In this programme, Jee Hoon introduces the restaurants that celebrities often go. This restaurant Jee Hoon filmed is located at Hwagok Dong, an area where Jee Hoon has lived for about 6 years already. The restaurant, 열린 지혜의 맛 (Taste of Open Wise) is owned by Jee Hoon's elder brother, who's also the chef. The food looks simply mouth watering!!! Razz Very Happy

The restaurant is described as an elegant, neat western food restaurant with homely feeling. Jee Hoon ate 5 dishes altogether.

1) ~ Insalata Caprese - It's a very famous Italian salad. Made with Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese and Basil (or Oregano), this colorful salad is actually inspired by he colours of the country flag of Italy

2) ~ Panini Sandwich - Another Italian dish. Panini bread, tomato sauce, cheese, bacon, eggplant, lettuce & pesto sauce

3) ~ Steak - local Korean beef is used, served with Demigras sauce

4) ~ Spicy Soup Spaghetti - This looks like a Korean style sort of pasta

5) ~ Curry Omelette Rice - "Ome-Rice"is a very popular kind of Japanese-western dish

080628 MBC<찾아라 맛있는 TV

Part 1

Part 2

credit : lovejeehoonteam1

080628 MBC<찾아라 맛있는 TV - Lee Jee Hoon LJHgif08080628 MBC<찾아라 맛있는 TV - Lee Jee Hoon LJHgif09
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080628 MBC<찾아라 맛있는 TV - Lee Jee Hoon
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